Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

Marie, an Early Reviewer for LibraryThing, has started a weekly online get-together of LT book bloggers at her web site, The Boston Bibliophile. She says, "anyone is welcome to participate but the idea is to catch up with each other on what's new in our LT libraries- new books, books just finished, thoughts, anything like that." To participate, simply write a post in your blog, then go to her entry Tuesday Thingers and leave her a comment containing the link to your post.

This week's topic is: Discussion groups. Do you belong to any (besides Early Reviewers)? Approximately how many? Are there any in particular that you participate in more avidly? How often do you check?

First a little bit about LibraryThing and me. I’ve been adding our books (that’s mine and my husband’s) to LT for a while now. It’s very time-consuming but most rewarding, coming across old favourites I haven’t read for years. I’ve been doing in sections and I think most of the fiction is on there now and I’m working through the non-fiction.

Books have always been part of my life as long as I can remember. It was my father who suggested I could be a librarian and I can’t think why I hadn’t thought of it myself. I went to Manchester Library School at what was then Manchester Polytechnic (now part of Manchester University) and worked for a while for Manchester Public Libraries. I haven’t worked in a library since I left to start a family, although I did have a spell in a bookshop working as a cataloguer, in pre-computerised cataloguing days. When I found LT at first I thought I wouldn’t use it – after all I used to be a cataloguer. But I soon realised its benefits and signed up.

I have looked at the Discussion groups but have only joined the Early Reviewers group. I have had one book to review – Our Longest Days, which I wrote about in my last post. There are only a few books available through Early Reviewers for UK members, so I was really pleased I got a book at all. I do hope some more will come my way.

I suppose I check LT about once a week, more if I’m adding books. It all takes time. I’ve found that writing a blog and reading other people’s blogs is also more time-consuming than I’d realised and it all cuts into reading time.


TJ said...

I have not yet taken the "library thing" plunge and may not do so. It seems time consuming, as you say. And I agree that blogging and reading others' blogs takes much more time than I'd thought it would and does certainly cut into reading time. Do you have any solutions for that? Just to say again how much I loved all of your thoughts on The Longest Days.

Lisamm said...

Yes, this blogging thing is a total time-sucker, but I love it. I'm new to LT and only have a small portion of my books on there (maybe 50) and only a tiny handful of reviews up (maybe 5-I have a lot more on my blog). The only LT group I'm in is early reviewers.

I'm sorry they don't ship to the UK more often! How frustrating for you!

Lenore said...

I try to limit my Internet surfing to 1 hour a day and make sure I get in at least 1 hour a day of reading (more is certainly welcome - but fortunately I am a very fast reader!)

John's comments said...

Librarything was manna from heaven when I came across it nearly two years ago. It was the first time I have catalogued my books and discovered that I was completely neglected fiction. Joining the discussions on LT and other book swap sites made me realise it was because I was not finding the good stuff which I know do!

The other joy of LT was that as I entered my back catalogue I reviewed books in terms of the memories they held which was fun.

And yes can let buying, swapping, blogging, cataloguing, chatting about books become more important then reading...horrors of horrors

kbookreviews said...

I consider the time blogging worth it though, because you meet lots of new people who are (book geeks!) like you. Plus the added bonus of getting free books simply in exchange for a review or a comment :)

The printed page said...

I'm about a year and 1/2 into my LT membership and love it. I use to keep an excel spreadsheet which has since gone by the way side. It does take up a tremendous amount of time visiting LT and all these wonderful book blogs I've come across. I can tell the difference in how many books I'm not reading this year compared to last year.

I didn't originally see your blog on the web ring at Early Reviewers but will be adding a link on my blog to yours.